Odocrypt countdown stats LIVE

Current block:

Blocks remaining until Odocrypt:


Estimated time until Odocrypt upgrade:

Odocrypt is LIVE

Next estimated lock-in block #:


Started at block: 8668800
Activation attempt period: 40320 blocks (7 days)
Threshold required: 28224 blocks (70%)

Elapsed this round: N/A - Consensus achieved
Remaining blocks this round: N/A

Blocks signalling Odocrypt: N/A
Possible? Yes! :D
Percent acceptance: Locked in

How regularly are these stats updated?

These stats are updated live, 100% fresh every time you load the page.

What is the lock-in number?

70% of blocks must be signalling support for Odocrypt.

What is the change-over point?

The Myriad-Groestl algorithm will be decomissioned at Block 9,100,000 and replaced with Odocrypt at that time. Everybody should upgrade prior to then, as 7.17.2 will continue to work with Myr-gr until that time.

Why does the "elapsed" time restart?

In order to build consensus, we must ensure sufficient people upgrade to 7.17.2. Not everyone will have done this, and be mining the existing algos on exactly the same block. As they upgrade, they 'signal' support for the Odocrypt upgrade. Once we have a 1-week period of 70% of people signalling support, it is considered 'locked in'. Think of it this way: Even if we had 90% signalling support, but they only began to signal support after halfway through the week, we would never get the 70%, hence why the elapsed time starts over again.

What happens if we don't have 70% as of block 9,100,000?

If we don't get everyone on to 7.17.2 by block 9,100,000 then as soon as we reach 70% on an epoch afterwards, Odocrypt will activate. People should upgrade ASAP because you can still use 7.17.2 no matter what.